“Donald Trump is nothing if not theatrical.Now there’s an intriguing new musical about America’s most controversial political figure.” — Katrina Vanden Heuvel, The Nation.
“The brainchild of longtime liberal author Bob Kuttner, “Drumpf” is the tale of the real estate mogul’s rise through the 2016 Republican primary, concluding with a duel between Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) at the GOP convention. Think Woodward and Bernstein meet Lin-Manuel Miranda, with a touch of Weird Al Yankovic thrown in.” — Sam Stein, Huffington Post

Drumpf: The Musical

We anticipate that Drumpf: The Musical will be presented as a stage show in several cities after Labor Day. We are working to have it debut as part of the activities surrounding the Democratic National Convention, in Philadelphia, beginning July 25.

We hope Drumpf: The Musical has an intense but fairly short run– and that it will be mainly of historical interest after November 8!

For the moment, the production exists in the form of several videos and audios, which will go live on our site, drumpfmusical.com, over the next couple of weeks. We will also be posting more of the script.

This production began when Bob Kuttner, whose day job is an editor and columnist, began noticing the comic opera aspects of the Trump campaign and started composing some lyrics in the spirit of Hamilton. More songs just kept coming. To produce the show Bob turned to his son, Gabriel Kuttner. Gabriel, an accomplished actor, director, and producer, reached out to a former collaborator, the acclaimed hip-hop artist Virtuoso aka Miguel B. Hart. Together Gabriel and Miguel assembled a talented cast of mostly African American and Latino hip-hop artists.

Miguel, who has released 5 albums as Virtuoso, adapted Bob’s original lyrics and added his own to fit musical compositions which he arranged and produced in conjunction with Epik Beats. Miguel also stars as Trump in the videos. The videos, meant to be a preview of the live production, were directed and filmed by the documentary filmmaker, Ron Wyman. The cast of the videos also includes: Flash as Karl Rove, V Knuckles as Ted Cruz, Emilio MyGod as Marco Rubio and Stewart Evan Smith as Chris Christie.

Our company, Trumpet Productions, is open to collaborations with producers who might be interested in staging Drumpf! Please get in touch with us via contact [at] drumpfmusical [dot] com.